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Meeting Prep

Welcome to the Meeting Prep Center! Getting started on your journey to better financial health is a few easy steps away. You probably already have a great working knowledge of your finances and at least a rough idea of the goals you'd like to accomplish. By organizing your information upfront, and sharing as much detail as possible, you will ensure you get better advice. The more information you can provide your Wealth Manager, the better. And by the way, all your information is strictly confidential just like the private relationship between you and your physician or legal professional.

INSTRUCTIONS: Before your initial appointment, please visit these links. It will be very helpful if you are able to bring as much documentation as possible:

Documents Needed

Wealth Management Road Map Survey

Note: When filling out the Wealth Management Roadmap Survey, if you are uncomfortable providing any personal info or legal address, we understand! We would ask that prior to your initial meeting, you complete as much as you're comfortable with. You will get a better result if you provide us with as much information as possible, but certain info such as your address, is only required in the event you set up investments or other products.