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Why Choose TBG?

In the world of financial advisors and financial firms, the choices are many but not always clear. As an independent financial planning firm, we are not beholden to any parent company to recommend certain preset investment choices or solutions. This allows us to truly serve your best interests with the heart of a teacher.

Many make the mistake of working with an advisor only on investment accounts, or somehow get roped into a working relationship with an advisor who does not address all aspects of your financial life. We feel this approach is undeserving you. While investments are a significant part of a good wealth plan, they are by far not the only aspect. In fact, did you know there are up to 13 wealth related issues that can go into a wealth plan, depending on the complexity of your life? We fully assess your situation in order to provide comprehensive financial planning and wealth management strategies. This enables you to more realistically and completely manage your wealth, life, and other goals.

In working with us, you don’t just get a typical advisor who only contacts you when it’s time to sell you something. You gain a professional partner capable of ensuring you put and keep the appropriate guardrails in place throughout your life. We will build a reliable, ongoing rapport and relationship with you which can extend to all financial aspects of yours and your family’s lives.

If you have concerns regarding your existing financial plan or strategy, it’s time to talk to us. Your plan may need to address areas such as budgeting, debt repayment, investing, taxes, beneficiaries, estate plans, insurance and others. Regardless of what it takes, you can have peace in knowing you have complete, step-by-step wealth management at your disposal with Triad Benefits Group.